Our Services

Our comprehensive services encompass everything from tax planning and financial reporting to payroll management and audit support. We tailor our expertise to meet your specific needs, ensuring financial clarity and compliance, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Remote and Onsite Bookkeeping Services

Experience precision in your finances with our Remote and Onsite Bookkeeping Services

Accuracy: This is our top priority, and we avoid errors such as; Misclassifying expenses , incorrect balance in revenue or expense balance, not properly recording transactions amongst others.

Remote Access: Our onsite service allows clients to access their business’ bookkeeping and computing data remotely, this is one of the most significant outsourced bookkeeping benefits. Working LFJ allows clients to be mobile whenever they need or want to be, and allows clients to quickly access information from any location

Security In this ever-evolving world where company’s database are alwaysa target, LFJ ensures that our client’s data are safe through extremely secured means. Data privacy can be more secure when it is stored offsite using secure online tools than in a paper environment when using proper online technology.

Tax Preparation, Planning, and Consulting

Elevate your financial strategy with our Tax Preparation, Planning, and Consulting services

Tax Planning LFJ’s business tax planning and preparation practice can assist clients with state tax and federal tax issues. With LFJ as a business partner, our clients can relax knowing we have their interests at heart.

Tax Preparation Our goal and objective is to look for ways to minimize clients’ tax obligation while keeping them in compliance at every step.

Tax Consulting LFJ offers both individual tax and business tax preparations and these includes the following:

  • Tax Preparation – LLCs, Partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations and Nonprofits
  • Tax planning
  • 1099 preparation & filing
  • Payroll compliance & filing
  • Start-ups and entity selection
  • Multi-state tax planning and compliance

Financial analysis and payroll management

Empower your business with our Financial Analysis and Payroll Management expertise.

Our services encompass comprehensive Payroll Analysis, Revenue and Expense Analysis, as well as Solvency and Liquidity assessments. Gain valuable insights into your financial health and streamline payroll processes to achieve greater financial stability and success.

Agricultural Business

We recognize the unique challenges facing today’s farmers. Our accounting team of advisors can help you navigate the dynamic obstacles farmers face.

Asset Management

You need to build investor confidence, comply with regulations, and determine values of complex financial instruments.

Healthcare Accounting

Healthcare is a fascinating industry and requires true expertise and understanding to properly address its unique challenges. Whether your needs are audit, review, tax, or consulting in the healthcare sector,

Financial Institution Accounting & Assurance Services

We offer a wide range of accounting and consultation support services to companies in the financial services industry. Whether tax, accounting or advisory services, the financial institution’s accounting team at LFJ Accounting is committed to helping our clients succeed.


We are proud of providing excellent services for more than 8 years.